GottaLove Lucky

First Impressions

Strangely enough, there aren’t many curly haired babes on the web. I guess most girls figure straight hair is sexier and stick with that. However, I think Lucky proves them wrong with her long and luscious curly hair. It also helps that it’s a unique color somewhere between blonde and red. What I like most about the tour is that Lucky is shown multiple times wearing lingerie, which I always love in my teen models. There are also a few shots of her in costumes, which are pretty damn sexy on every woman.

Hot Promises

Lucky loves to dress up in all kinds of sexy outfits for her members, as she says on her free tour. The pictures provided for prospective members would indicate that she’s not kidding about that, as she seems to have emptied out her lingerie closet. She also promises high resolution images, tons of videos, desktop wallpapers, a journal in which she shares personal thoughts, webcam shows and much more. The picture updates seem to be sporadic, but with everything else going on here I can forgive that. I can’t wait to see the member’s area.


Lucky is an Irish babe and the design of her member’s area takes advantage of that fact by using shades of green for the colors and shamrocks to decorate many of the areas. The purple background is out of place, but overall the experience is a positive one. The first thing I noticed was how many different areas there were for me to visit. There’s a ton to see here and it’s pretty damn exciting at first glance. There are a few too many advertisements on the main page, but you’ll be so busty staring at the picture and video links you won’t even brush over them.

My journey through GottaLoveLucky began with the picture galleries. There are 58 as of July 2, 2007 and that number has not been growing rapidly in recent months. She updates her site once a week, but those updates have been of the video variety most recently. That’s a shame too, because Lucky has some of the finest picture galleries you’ll ever see. They’re helped significantly by the fact that Lucky is utterly gorgeous. In addition to her amazing hair she has beautiful blue eyes, a flawless teen body, and a sexiness that you can’t learn. She’s an all natural seductress and her fans are better for it.

Lucky is a topless model and in almost every gallery she bares her breasts for your eyes only. They’re pretty magnificent with their teen perkiness and perfect shape. They look to be small C cups, which is the perfect size in my mind. Most galleries have 50-100 images and they can be viewed in a high or medium resolution. All the thumbnails load on one page, which is a small annoyance, but it’s only minor and won’t impede your enjoyment of the content.

The tour was right on in showing Lucky posing in lots of lingerie and a few costumes. Throw in bikinis and you have the breadth of her outfit selection. I couldn’t be happier about that selection since lingerie, bikinis and sexy costumes are all designed to make women look more beautiful than they can on their own. In the case of Lucky they do their job very well and she looks amazing.

Sometimes it’s merely a clich? but in Lucky’s case there really are too many great galleries to pick out only a few as favorites. However, I do have two that I want to mention. The first features Lucky posing in a unique white one piece halter bathing suit that exposes her entire stomach and barely covers her pussy. It’s like one of those suits you often see female body builders wearing, except it actually looks good on Lucky. The other gallery shows her posing in a gorgeous black lace bra and panty set that fits her body perfectly. She has her hair down in this gallery, which is somewhat of a rarity on the site, and she looks amazing.

Browsing to the video section reveals a collection of more than 45 downloadable clips. These are shot separately from the picture galleries and provide you with an opportunity to see a different side of this hottie. In some she’s posing in a gorgeous lingerie set and showing off every angle of her body in an attempt to turn you on. In others we get an inside look at her daily life as she does her homework, bakes a cake, or puts on her clothes in the morning.

The most recent clips come in a high and medium resolution version and the old clips are available only in the medium resolution. Most of the videos are relatively short but they’ll give you quite a thrill. My favorite clip is called ‘Baby Oil Rubdown’ and it features Lucky getting topless and rubbing her tits with baby oil. The camera goes in for an extreme close up on her breasts and gives you a great opportunity to get acquainted with them. I also enjoyed the four part scene in which Lucky poses in a gorgeous pink bra, panty and garter set.

Like any good solo teen babe Lucky has a webcam that she performs in front of on a regular basis. As a new member you can download more than 30 shows from the past, all of which show Lucky stripping for the camera. She loves to show off her tits for the approving masses and will often jiggle them in front of the camera, pinch her nipples and more. There’s a surprising lack of lingerie on the webcam shows, but they’re still sexy as hell. It’s unclear when the live webcam shows happen or if they happen at all, but you can check back anytime to see if the schedule has been updated.

There’s more content to be had at GottaLoveLucky aside from the picture galleries and video clips. First you can check out her journal, which is updated several times a week with tidbits from her daily life. Most entries are pretty short but they offer you a chance to interact in some way with your favorite teen model. You can also download more than 45 wallpapers, each in four resolutions. They’re a great way to decorate your desktop for those times when you boot up your computer and would like a little female companionship. The outtakes section offers video bloopers of a sort that let you in on Lucky’s sillier side. Finally there’s the forum where you can interact with Lucky and other girls from the Spunky network.

Speaking of other girls, there are ten bonus sites that come with your membership. Eight of those are solo babe sites just like GottaLoveLucky and they provide a ton of extra content. There’s bound to be a few girls in the mix that turn you on, so that’s a huge bonus. There’s also a site featuring two hot teen babes posing together and a hardcore site starring fairly notable porn stars. Altogether the bonus content provides a huge incentive for joining.

Croco’s Opinion

I didn’t know much about Lucky when I first entered the site, but now that I’ve seen all that she offers I can safely say she’s one of my favorite models. She’s just so beautiful and sexy, and I love that she has a huge lingerie collection that she loves to pose in. Also, her videos are revealing, sexy and plentiful, including webcam show archives. The bonus content is what really puts it over the top though; with that much goodness available for one price you have to check it out.


The site design is well done and navigating through the many content sections is simple. The thumbnails in the picture galleries could be a little larger and they could have spread them over multiple pages, but that’s a minor complaint about a great site.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or online check. Membership is $24.95 for the first 30 days and then $22.95 recurring after that.

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